I love to research and write and am interested in a range of topics and can write in a variety of different styles. I have been published in academic journals, education publications and arts magazines.


Sloe Thoughts

Review, 2017

Unfortunately the world around many artists is often full of complicated rhetoric, awkward social functions, and more wine supping than you could shake a stick at. It’s sometimes hard for us to venture out beyond the white walls we’re so comfortable with (in our own unique uncomfortable art way).

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Open Letter to Young People

Circuit Website, 2016

I want to be honest, because I believe that you are all under a huge amount of pressure, and I wish to help to alleviate some of it, even if it’s just for the amount of time you’re reading this. So let’s start with some truths… most (if not all) of you, will not get your preferred job straight after university. You will not walk into a career. You will be poor and everything will seem like a struggle for a long time.

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Young Contemporaries Mapped

Engage 35: Twenty-Five Years of Gallery Education, 2014

To mark the 25th anniversary of engage, the National Association for Gallery Education, this issue of the engage Journal looks back at the development of gallery education since 1989 and reflects on where it stands now.

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Thinking, researching and creating work

Friction Research, Reclaim the mind, issue 4, 2011

I used to think that there were certain ways or steps to becoming a real artist, and I hoped to identify my own art practice. I have been trying to work, as I assumed a ‘real artist’ would. But, what is art? what is an artist? and what exactly is an artist’s practice? If I don’t understand what art is, how can I ever hope to make something which is considered to be art?

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