I am able to organise and facilitate workshops using collage and DIY zine making for young – older adults. I can prepare sessions for booked groups and drop in audience members and am happy to work flexibly to deliver workshops that are right for your audience. I am trained in safeguarding and have a recent DBS certificate.

Frankenart at Wigan STEAM

This two-hour workshop allowed participants the space to make collages after being given a themed brief. The brief complimented the theme of the upcoming exhibition. Each participant made at least one image based on the theme of future creatures. The work was then collated into a zine which was available to take away during the exhibition.

Cut and Paste at Wigan STEAM

As part of a residency in July 2018 I facilitated two collage workshops. In this introductory workshop, each participant was challenged to create a collage using 5 images provided in 5 minutes, 10 images in 10 minutes and 20 in 20 minutes. Finally, the participants were asked to create a collage using images they picked out at random from the boxes of images provided. The aim of the workshop was to discuss the ideas of fate and research when engaging in projects.

Images credit: Simon Davies

Manchester Museum Volunteers

In 2017 I worked with Manchester Museum’s Volunteers to make a zine that helped them describe what volunteering meant to them. Each participant was asked to create a double spread each using cut ups of museum photographs and text which would be culminated together to create a zine for the museum to display to the public in its study space.

Uniqlo Late at TATE

TATE commissioned myself and Artists Hannah Kemp-Welch, Sally Noall and Rachel Noel to create a workshop for their Uniqlo TATE Late event in 2017. We invited young people to rewrite the news through a series of 4 collaging steps and created a collaborative newspaper showing the ‘New News’ that represented the stories the participants wanted to tell.

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