I have had the opportunity to work on projects as an artist. Using mindmaps, sketchnotes and my experience as a collage artist (I often work under a pseudonym), I piece together work which visualises research.

Wigan STEAM Residency

In July 2018 I was commissioned to take up residency at Wigan STEAM, a science and creative venue that runs workshops and activities for the community. The residency involved facilitating two workshops for a group of adult participants, creating engagement activities for the public and exhibiting new work in their gallery space. 

Organisational Change: TATE Commission

In 2016 I was commissioned by Tate and the Circuit programme to develop creative and/or experimental work around the theme of organisational change. Over the course of 2 years I took up residency at Wysing Arts Centre, documented my time with zines and art pieces and developed a final diagram to illustrate conditions for change in arts institutions.

Research Matter(s) Symposium

I presented my Organisational Change: Tate Commision at Birmingham University’s Research Matter(s) conference in 2016. The conference amined to engage researchers and practitioners in conversations about research in Arts, Design and Media and they encouraged contributors to present in alternative ways. I made a video detailing my research, which became a piece of work in itself.

Cancer Research: Written in the Stars

The text aims to initiate conversations around fate, belief, science and research by using opposing imagery and text that, when bought together in this context, show a striking resemblance. The ambiguity of this is used as a tool to encourage viewers to question their own ideas of destiny and the roles of the scientific researcher and artistic creator.

Keith Bloody Mary

I make collage work under the pseudonym Keith Bloody Mary. My work is mainly photo collage, uses puns and can be a bit cheeky. I have exhibited nationally and my work is mainly seen in magazines, punk exhibitions and bars. I also designed all the gifs for this website!

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